Friday, December 6, 2013

About Me

I called this blog "bridewithoutblemish"  according to the verse in Ephesians 5 where it says Jesus will present the Church to himself as a bride without spot or blemish. Let me start this by saying I am not perfect. I am a work in progress and I definitely don't see myself as a "Bride without blemish". That being said, I stand today only as a result of His mercy and as a testament of His never ending patience with me.

My testimony is nothing dramatic.Jesus Christ saved me when I was young and it is because of his grace that I am still standing here.  I grew up in a Christian home surrounded by a loving family who raised me up to fear the Lord. I was saved and baptized and filed with the Holy Spirit at a young age.

My calling, I know, is to go into missions. I grew up in the US but I do not want to stay here. I want to go to third world countries and serve him there among the lost and forgotten children of the world.

I am almost 24 and not yet married but I grew up in the Indian Community where arranged marriages are the norm (we will see how that goes lol)

I am not really sure why exactly I started this blog. I do not even know if I will keep it up to date. It was just an idea I had yesterday and I figured I might as well. Who knows what He could do through this, right?

The goal of my life is to glorify Him who called me.

More on this section later as I think of it :)

Praising Him Who Saved Me

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