Sunday, December 8, 2013

Waiting and Waiting................and Waiting

I desperately need some encouragement today. I have been praying about a specific situation for almost everyday for over a few years now and have not yet seen my breakthrough. I have cried, I have fasted, I have praised, I have battled the Enemy, I have worshiped. I have pleaded and begged, yelled and screamed and cried some more.  And yet...nothing.

There are moments of doubt. "Am I really praying for something that is in God's will for me?" "Am I being stubborn?""Have I really surrendered to God?"

Its in those moments the Holy Spirit whispers in my heart "Lean not on your own understanding" or "Wait patiently" or "Be still and know I am God" or "Contend, pray with out ceasing". It's not so much an audible voice I hear more than a quiet reminder or sudden thought or a tugging of my heart. Yet I know that it is not me myself  imagining these things, It's God. Still even in that knowledge there's the creeping voice of the deceiver, "Are you sure that's God?"

So now here I am, staring at the end of 2013. Wondering if another year is going to pass by with God still telling me to wait.

The sad thing is, I am the only one who believes this is from the Lord. Everyone else says that it is not from God. A part of me wants to give in to them and say they are right. Another, much bigger  part of me sincerely believes that this is from God.

So I keep walking, reminding myself I am not called to follow everyone else. I am called to follow my king and my savior. While every one has given up and I myself feel like I am at my breaking point, I remind myself that if I keep trusting in Him, eagerly and expectantly, He  ill come suddenly and not allow me to be put to shame because of that trust. With one blast of breath, he laid bare the earth. With one word, He will stop all the people of the world Armageddon. At the name of Jesus, every knee will bow and every tongue will confess, willingly and unwillingly, that He is Lord.

All I need is one word from Him and my situation will completely change. One word from Him and He deliver me. All who sees will only be able to say "Look what the Lord has done. How marvelous are the works of His hands."

So Father God, I will continue to wait on you. Forgive this heart of mine which so badly wants to give up and go my own way. Lord God, come in a powerful way. Who have I but you to turn to? Who else can I confide in? You are my refuge and my shelter. You are my God and I trust only in you.  Strengthen me O Lord so I can continue to wait. Help me to wait patiently. 

Thank you, Lord, that my life and times are in your hands. You are never late. You are Sovereign and you are in control. I cannot see my tomorrow but you are already there. I can't see the next hour or second of my life but you are waiting for me there to lead the way for me. 

Thank you, Lord, that you are faithful. Thank you that your promises are true and not one mark can be taken away from your word. Heaven and earth will one day disappear but your words will stand forever. Thank you for the promise you have given to me. It is to you that I cling. Hold me up, Lord, because  I cannot stand on my own. 

Tear the veil Lord that hides your truth from unseeing eyes. Soften hardened hearts. Reveal your will and your way and your direction to them. 

I will not give up on you Father. I know you will come through. I know that you will not forsake me. I know that you will not let me down. 

Lord, I thank you that my answer is already on the way. Thank you Jesus that you have promised that as long as I remain in you and you are in me then I can ask whatever I wish of the Father in your name and it will be granted so that He may be glorified in you. 

Father God, take the Glory. Let your name be magnified. Let all who see what you will do, stand in amazement at the work of your hands. Let them see and be helpless to say or do anything but praise you. 

Let all the glory and honor belong to you only. 
In Jesus name, I pray

Praising Him Who Saved Me

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